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The Staten Island Conservatory of Music was founded in 1994. We envisioned a school, which offers high quality music education to all Staten Island residents, regardless of their age or origin. Our philosophy is that music should be the common denominator between all cultural differences and music should unite all people in a single voice, without economical, religious, or any other boundaries. The alphabet of music has fewer characters than any other language. In order to be able to communicate emotions and feelings through musical sounds, one must decipher the inner secrets of the musical language. Our faculty is a select group of extremely trained, genuinely dedicated and highly committed musicians. Teaching is only half the work they do in life, the other half is by sharing their talent on different stages, as highly acclaimed and on demand artists. They will assist your every step and guide you with care and patience, in discovering the beautiful secrets of music.

The Staten Island Conservatory of Music follows the model of the finest European Conservatories of Music. Our experience in music education is high and so is our expectation.

All the students are required to perform twice a year in our annual recitals. Therefore, daily and diligent practice is one of our main requirements.

The Conservatory is located on the grounds of the vast and beautiful Snug Harbor Cultural Center, amidst many other fine cultural and educational establishments.

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The Staten Island Conservatory of Music offers instruction for learning the following instruments:

Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute, Recorder, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French horn, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Drums, Percussion, Guitar, and Voice.

All lessons are private. In addition, we offer group lessons only on request and in special situations. Parents of younger students are encouraged to assist in the private instruction.

All beginner students will have a 30 min. lesson, weekly. As the student progresses, the lesson time will be increased up to one hour, due to a more demanding material to be covered. Lessons are mandatory at least once a week. We only accept one make-up lesson per semester. Daily practice at home is required.

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Music Theory

Like any other language, the language of music is structured on clearly defined fundamental principles.

In order to be able to communicate through this language, it is imperiously necessary to study and understand all the aspects that govern it.

One cannot stress enough the importance of ear-training and sight-singing of rhythmic, melodic and harmonic dictation, as well as basic knowledge of harmony, counterpoint and composition. Studying music theory is the equivalent of studying the grammar of any language. Only after understanding the structure and use of this grammar, one will be able to “speak” the language of music.
We are strongly urging our students to enrolling theory classes, until they attain a satisfactory level of musicianship. In order to ensure individualized attention, we prefer to work with smaller groups of students. Please note that we regards the study of music theory and the practicum, as a single unit and by ignoring one, will negatively affect the other.


We offer these classes for young children, between ages four and six. The students are introduced to the fundamentals of music through singing, musical games and dramatization of songs, with emphasis on rhythmic involvement. This work prepares the children for instrumental study and develops their understanding and enjoyment of music.
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Our school calendar year is organized in two semesters and a summer session. The first semester starts in September and ends in January with the first Student Recital. The second semester begins in February and ends in June with the second Student Recital.
The summer session is for the months July and August. Student recitals are mandatory! Be enthusiastic about performing in these recitals and invite as many of your friends as you can to attend. Performing in these recitals will provide you with invaluable experience and life-long pleasant memories.
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Our first child joined the Staten Island Conservatory at the age of 4, and for the next 14 years music has been a staple of her education. Our second child became a music student at the age of 5, and he continued to study music at the SI Conservatory for the following 10 years, growing still as a musician under the guidance of extra-ordinary teachers at the Conservatory. Enjoyment of the truly universal language of music is now integral part of our children’s life. We can attest our gratitude to the teachers at the SI Conservatory who have helped to shape our children’s formative years with the lifelong gift of music.

Ann Marchesano, Bruno Manduca

A few years ago, I was searching for a piano teacher for my son. It was difficult to find someone that he “clicked” with, at the time, he was only 5. A friend recommended the SI Conservatory and we have been attending ever since. My son loves his teacher Miss Valeda, and I like the professionalism of the entire staff. He has learned so much and is progressing musically. I am truly amazed. The cost is reasonable and they work with our school schedule. I have found that the lessons enhance his academic ability and focus. I recommend The Conservatory without hesitation.

Pauline Romano